Technical Support & After Sales Service

Is your door malfunctioning?

A problem or a breakdown with your engineONE ?
Problems with the operation of your garage AXONE-SPADONE door?

→ Consult our quick assistance sheets
Following feedback from construction sites and experience, we have created simple after-sales service
sheets to advise you and help you out easily.

Download the Technical Service Sheets AXONE-SPADONE directly here :

Door Quick Assistance Sheets

support sheet
(all models)

troubleshooting assistance


troubleshooting assistance

GSB "IQA" Support Sheet

troubleshooting assistance

PRO "PREMONTED" assistance sheet

troubleshooting assistance

PRO "IN PACK" assistance sheet

troubleshooting assistance

Motor Quick Service Sheets one

End of travel errors (9 calls / 10)

Engine assistance

Quick assistance and major engine failures

Engine troubleshooting guide ONE

Lost or stolen remote control ?

What to do if your remote control is stolen or lost?

Motor oneQuick Help Sheets -pg

ONE-PG Power problem / opening sensitivities (9 calls / 10)

Garage door opener

ONE-PG Limit switch / stop that malfunctions

end position

Advice and Troubleshooting

Our Technical Sales team is at your disposal and provides pre- and post-sales assistance.

Study with you and the installer the best choices, the layout of each door, the possible options, and calculate the corresponding estimates.
The telephone listening, directly from your door, but also the exchange of photos via the Internet allows us to advise you "on the spot", without you having to wait.