100% secure payment

We pay particular attention to the security of transactions.
All transactions made on axone-spadone.fr are 100% secure.
We offer you 5 ways to pay your orders placed online :

Pay with Paypal

Pay with Paypal

Do you have a Paypal account? If so, you can use it to pay your order on the online shop.

Simple, fast and secure, Paypal avoids you to transmit your credit card numbers on the internet. Of course, no additional fees are applied if you pay with PayPal.

Pay by credit card

Payment secure by our bank - CIC

You can pay for your order by credit card: in this case, payment is made on our bank website, the CIC (via their Monetico platform). This implies that no banking information concerning you will be transmitted through our site. Payment by credit card is therefore perfectly secure. Your order will therefore be recorded as soon as the payment has been accepted by the banking service.

Your credit card details are encrypted thanks to the SSL protocol (the small padlock visible next to the name of the site at the time of payment) and never pass in clear on the network. Payment is made directly to the bank.

When paying with your credit card, you may be asked for an authentication code. Depending on the bank issuing your card, this may be an SMS (80% of the time) or a grid of numbers. (In other special cases, please ask your bank). This procedure can be appreciated as tedious but is necessary to guarantee a level of security on our site. If you have any problems with this step, you can also choose to pay by cheque or bank transfer.

Pay in 3 times by Credit Card

For orders over 150€incl. tax, including shipping costs, you can pay for your order by credit card in 3 installments free of charge.

On the day of your order, you will be debited one third of the amount, 30 days later, a second third and the rest 60 days after your order.
Example: for an 300€ order placed on June 15, 100€ will be debited on June 15, 100€ on July 15 and 100€ on August 15.

As for cash payments by credit card, this service is offered to you via our bank, the CIC. Axone Spadone has no access to your bank details and we do not keep them on our servers.

Pay by Bank Transfer

If you prefer bank transfers instead of credit card, no problem!

Select this method of payment when you finish your order and you will receive by email all the information you need to make your bank transfer.

Your order will be shipped upon receipt of your transfer.

Pay by Cheque

Pay by cheque

If you cannot pay for your order by credit card or bank transfer, choose a cheque. We will ship your order as soon as your cheque is cashed.

Cheque made out to the order of the company AXONE SPADONE to be sent to

Axone Spadone
Technoparc Franco-Suisse
90100 DELLE - France

More information about this payment method are available at the time of your order.

Your order will be shipped upon receipt of your transfer.