Mezza up-and-over garage door

The Mezza up-and-over door is the best alternative to conventional sheet metal stall doors. It is insulated with 20mm sandwich panels, which also gives it more resistance.

It is a standard or custom-made door, delivered pre-assembled (fully assembled in the factory).

Delivery within 2 to 4 weeks

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Measuring of up-and-over garage door

French made garage door

Insulating and motorizable up-and-over garage door, 2 sides steel 0.35mm polyurethane foam 20mm.

With its vertically grooved 20mm insulated panels, it is an economical door, but much more resistant than the usual corrugated sheet metal stall doors. The balancing is done as on all our up-and-over doors by multi-spring arms for more security and ease of maintenance. Horizontal rails and ball-bearing rollers provide a high level of operating stability. The insulation is not to be outdone with a sealing possible thanks to our double-lipped ZY profile seals.

This garage door is delivered to you pre-assembled with illustrated assembly instructions in French, written by our design office (see Documentation tab).

It can be motorized with an optional ONE 600 operator.

Coefficients of thermal resistance

Ud = 0.56 W/m²K for single panel

Ud = 0.95 W/m²K for the complete deck (= assembled panels)

Ud = 1.48 W/m²K for an installed door, taking into account the installation on a standard support.


Available in 2 standard sizes:

L2400 mm x H2000 mm and L3000 mm x H2000 mm

or custom-made:

Width from 2000mm to 3000mm
Height from 1900mm to 2250mm

The minimum distance between the mounting brackets is 55 mm to install this up-and-over door (see measurements 3 and 4 of the dimensional drawing). The lintel drop must be at least 120 mm (measure 5 on the diagram).

The + products

bullet Fully mechanical anti-lift safety device on the engine
bullet Robust steel mechanics
bullet Motorisable with a operator ONE 600

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